What I’m doing now

This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.

Next moves

At the end of March I was let go from my job at Slite (along with 25% of the company). After a few quiet weeks I’m starting to dig into the job hunt properly now, looking for new remote opportunities in Product Marketing. Have a tip? Reach out!

What I’m reading

I’ve got a few books on the go right now:

Recent articles worth a look:

Tech Independence

Relying on faceless tech giants to take care of my data has always made me nervous. While working at Vivaldi a few years back I went down the rabbit hole of trying to get control of my data in a serious way. Having control of your digital life (and moving on from the likes of Google and Apple to handle it) was a big part of the culture at Vivaldi and it definitely rubbed off on me.

Fast forward to this week and I’m back in that same rabbit hole. This time, triggered by a super interesting episode of the Tim Ferris podcast where Derek Sivers briefly talked about Tech Independence and how he imagines people should get started.

For me, a start was getting back in the habit of working here in my digital notebook.Which runs on Markdown files hosted in a GitHub repo. Most of the notes here are based on things I’ve worked on in Logseq first (which uses Markdown files locally hosted on my machine, which are synced across devices using iCloud). Where these files live is the bit relevant to Sivers’ post.


After 7 years in Oslo, our little family is gearing up for a move to the West coast of Norway this summer. We’ve got a new house lined up already and things are coming together! Exciting times.